Just a face

Remember my blog entry (at laysa.supladita.net) about me being chosen as one of the Faces of the Day at the pre-college orientation? If not, [spoiler /read this./ /close/]

It was the orientation and I was one of the faces of day. We have the chance of becoming officers of our batch and also representatives of our colleges. There also, is this opportunity to represent the UP/Philippines at an Asian competition. Before achieving that, we should pass this screening thingy.[/spoiler]

Yesterday was screening day. I went to UPLB alone riding the jeepney’s front seat, reading my hand-written speech over and over again during the whole trip because I intentionally didn’t prepare for the said event. Haha. It’s really obvious that I wanted to win the contest, right? LOL.

Moving on, I arrived at the campus not knowing where the venue was. They said it will be held at SU Bldg. but too bad my memory just can’t remember how to go there. Under the beams of the sun melting my face, I walked and walked ’til I find someone who could tell me where it was. Good thing I found this man with a UP Logo at the back of his shirt. Hehe. Thanks Sir na may logo ng UP sa likod ng shirt. Hehe.

Fast forward.. The judges gave constructive comments on my speech. They said they really felt that I was connecting to them which was good and they praised me for having a unique one which stated some challenge to UP students. On the other hand, I have chosen a wrong word on a part of the speech which somehow made the university sound awful. The sentence was, “UP standard has deteriorated over the years.” Stupid thesaurus. Hahaha!

Unfortunately and as expected, I wasn’t chosen to compete for the next screening. It was a great experience though and I had lots of new friends and acquaintances. An election was held but this time (for the first time. Haha), I don’t wanna be a candidate for it will certainly take some time from my studies.

BTW, we’ll have a group performance atย  the freshie’s night on the 18th but I am still contemplating about going to the practices. Haha. That’s all. Got no pictures. XD


12 thoughts on “Just a face

  1. Aja Faces of the Day? Nukx sis, congrats!! no wonder.. Cuz u got reallY beautifuL face:) Anywae u didnt make it to nxt screening? Ooh welL ist alright siz..u stilL beautifuL.mua*

    Goodluck w/ ur studies.

    Jhoices last blog post..Are you good looking?

  2. congratulations dear..that was a fun and exciting experience:)
    glad to read you were able to meet new friends

    i know next time you’ll win ๐Ÿ™‚


    Yeshas last blog post..beatboxโ€ฆ

  3. aww.. how sad, but I guess you really are, deserving to win, ganda ganda mo nga ee..haha! yeah seriously..
    anyway, I hope you’ll win next time, I know you can make it! but atleast, you learned and gained friends, and experiences too! and now, do use them as your strength next time ๐Ÿ˜€

    abbys last blog post..Seeking help =(

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