Pretty links, FINALLY!

I’m gonna make this entry really quick. I am just so HAPPY to tell you that I just made pretty links work!!! Hahaha. Yey!! 😀

By default, WordPress sets your permalinks to “ugly links” which looks like [spoiler /this:/ /close/]

But by using “pretty links” (which you can change in your WP settings under permalinks), you’ll have a very neat and easy to remember link like [spoiler /this:/ /close/]

LOL. It’s been my problem since I started and I thought it has something to do with my webhost, but then by incessant searching on how to solve my problem I found out [spoiler /these things:/ /okay/]

1. I must have an .htaccess file.

– I can’t find mine so I created one a long time ago as this page says. Didn’t work still and just a second ago, I read that,

2. The .htaccess file must be located at the same directory with index.php.

– Mine doesn’t that’s why it DID not work. Now it DOES work!! 🙂

End. XD [/spoiler]

Next problem: How to make Tabs and Slides plug-in work. XD Help me anyone? I get errors when I try installing the said plug-in. Uhh.

– – –

Oooh. BTW, sis Loise told me to make a blog post about I just visited the site and it’s an online beauty shop where you may buy whitening and slimming products, plus a lot more. Please do drop by the site. XD

– – –

On th 16th, I’d be facing my new life as a college student. My! It’d be somehow earlier ‘coz we(those who competed for the speech contest) were informed to go back on the 14th to have a practice for a presentation to be rendered on the Freshie’s night on June 18. Freshmen and UPPERCLASSES will come to watch!! Thank you Lord for the opportunity! 🙂 I may not have won the speech contest yet I was chosen as one of those who will perform. I’m gettin’ so excited!! 😀


5 thoughts on “Pretty links, FINALLY!

  1. I knew about pretty links but I learned how to make it too late nah. I have over 180+ pages ALONE and that would be hard to edit because of my page coding.. anyway.. COLLEGE ka na! OMG good luck in your studies sis!

  2. aw buti ka pa nagawa mu ung htaccess na un. haha ako kasi di ako marunong kung panu palitan o iedit. lol
    i added u up on my links. :0

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