New life's first week

My new life just started 6,7(?) days ago as a college student of UPLB and I do have lots of stories to tell you guys. Yeah. I have truly enjoyed the first week but at the same time, I have been very, very busy and exhausted. πŸ™‚ But before that, THANK YOU SOO MUCH guys for your comments on my previous post. XD

Sunday, June 15 – Practice in the morning then Campus Tour in the afternoon. The practice I’m talking about was for the Freshies Night on the 18th. There I met lots of friends, especially girls who are definitely beautiful. Seeing them made me really amazed ’cause I haven’t seen so many pretty girls in one place ’til that day came. Para akong mato-tomboy nung araw na ‘yun. Hahaha. Ang saya. Oh, and unfortunately, there aren’t any cute guys(for me). Aww.

Tuesday is my First Day, June 17 – My first subject is scheduled at 7am and I’d mistakenly saw it as 7.30. What a nice start for me. Haha. I asked Ganyfer to accompany me on my way to the EE Bldg (she’s an EE student) because I don’t have ANY idea how to get there. 30 mins. after the time, we were still hurriedly walking our way. Luckily, I was earlier than a few who got to class when it had almost finished. Hahaha. On my last class, NASC7, I also got lost and got late by 40 minutes. Hahaha! Meeeen. UPLB is the largest UP Campus and I never questioned why I always get lost. Furthermore, I got some poor memory here. Hahaha!

Wednesday, June 18 – We, the Elite Group of Freshmen, rendered a song and dance number. It was FIRST DAY HI and I was one of the SOSYs. Our group was shamefully unprepared compared to the upper class people. They’re all GREAT except us, which I think is considerable. HAHAHA!! We’re the babies you know! πŸ˜€

Since the we finished our performance already past 9pm, I asked Ganyfer if I could sleep at their dorm ‘coz it was too late to go home. And you know what, even going inside a room is prohibited but then, Tita Femy(her mom) still managed to get permission. Very happy because I know I have their place to stay thru the night and at the same time, have a non-stop CHIKKA with Gany. Ced and Gideon walked with me to the dorm ‘coz the road was really creepy and dark, I don’t know if I could stay alive going by myself. Hahaha!

Thursday, it’s Laguna Day – since we have this local event, there are no classes. Ugh. Like we just started tapos wala nanamang pasok?! Haha. Gany, Ate Charley, tita Femy and I, commuted to Southmall. We planned about skating but then it turned out to be watching Kung Fu Panda. The movie was fanatastic and the voices behind the characters were WOW! One was Angelina Jolie! HAHA!

“Yesterday is HISTORY, tomorrow will be MYSTERY; today is a GIFT that’s why it is called PRESENT.”

When we got back in LB, I attended Victory Christian Fellowship at Vega Mall, 5th floor and it was sooo FUN and stirring. The talk was really for teens and generally, for us freshmen. The service is on Wednesdays at 5.30pm and Fridays at 7pm. See yah there! πŸ™‚


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