Whoa. It’s more than a week since I posted my last blog entry. It’s currently the third week of my college and I’m starting to get busy day by day. UP is great, especially those knowledge-packed brains of the professors.

I’m typing this blog entry at College Computer Access (internet shop) at the basement of SU Bldg. I’m waiting for the block meeting that is at 3pm followed by my last subject for this day, SPCM1 (Speech Communication). I’ll be doing some 2-minute speech again to comply with our activity. Ugh. I haven’t prepared for it but anyway, everyone hasn’t and will do it extemporaneously. After my class, I’ll be heading off to Vega mall and attend a fellowship. XD

BTW, I added/updated some pages in my site but generally, I know and everyone knows that my site is stilll useless. Moreover, I haven’t created a own layout yet which will suit the site. These are the pages:

About Me
Lyrics for Calabarazon March
Lyrics for Laguna March
How to download videos from YouTube

Thank you guys for the comments you posted at my previous entry, it may be few but still I appreciate it. I really feel bad for not having the time to blog hop ‘coz school works are getting the whole of me. Plus the fact that my computer at home is destroying itself and IS TOTALLY CRAP. I hate how it pauses for 5 seconds everytime I pressa letter on the keyboard. I badly wanna have a LAPTOP! Awww. Wi-Fi at CDC is free and 25/day at the SU Bldg. Sad. Almost everyone have theirs. XD

Yesterday after class, I went to Mcdonald’s and saw Mimay with her Kids and Dennis. I was so happy to see Mimay again and we talked about a lot of things. My plan was really to meet up with Sarah but then, she didn’t appear and didn’t notify me. Good thing I saw Mykel. 🙂

Bye now!! 😀

EDIT: It’s my first time to use LINUX and it’s crazy. Hahaha. Not as user friendsly as Windows. (is it right to say that?) Oh! And I’m proud to say that I got a perfect score at MATH11! Yey. Anyway, it’s just a 10-point quiz. LOL.

Can anyone help me create my own simple theme at multiply? I wanna learn how. Thanks!


7 thoughts on “Weekends

  1. i love speech comm classes. lol. kasi minor ko siya. 😛 pero nakakarattle. 😀 pero you’ll get the hang of it. 😛

    hoorraaay for the perfect quiz. 😉 i haven’t tried linux. haha. i’d settle with windows na lang. 😀

    pams last blog post..Tagged & a photo

  2. Pam– Yung linux sa PC shop ko siya na-try. Kakaloka. Ansaya nga ng SPCM, whaha.
    Jhoice– Yes ate. Hehe. Ok lang, research nalang ako ng tuts. Hehe.
    Lyss– Yeah. Toxic pa siya. Huhu.
    Kimeh– Thanks.
    Chester– Nope. Sa PC shop lang. Hehe.
    Shaihyie– Oo nga! WHAHAHA!

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