Interacting with the Koreans

Yesterday’s interaction with the Koreans was an i-never-thought-i-would experience. It was extremely awesome and needless to say, a total FUN! And again, thanks to Ganyfer. Her professor in ENG2 invited her and some of her classmates to interact with the exchange freshmen students from Korea. She told me to come and I readily said yes. XD I thought I’d bleed my nose much but I think it turned the other way around. Hahahaha. :))

Aside from that, I also had the following happenings:

[spoiler /Lunch with a frat man/ /Hide now!/]

He’s one of the two Kuyas in our SOSC1 class. Since we(my new friend Dana and I) have no classes after, we were accompanied by Kuya Sigma Rho (it was the fraternity he joined) and had lunch with us. At first, I was a ‘lil scared going with him ‘coz I to tell you honestly, I never heard any auspicious thing about frat men at fraternities, but then, I found out that he was so nice and funny, that he joined the frat just because he wanted to quickly adjust to his UP life. I learned that fraternities don’t just stare and punch each other to death. Like Kuya, he’s a critical thinker and a very economically-concerned student. The level of his concern is just too high to reach for a person like me who doesn’t even know about the current events. Hahaha.

Two things happened when we where with him:

1. Someone stared at him and it looked like he wanted to have some trouble, in return, Kuya stared back too. There were lightnings when they were looking at each other and 2. While walking along the road side, another frat man of a different fraternity told Kuya to get out of the way ‘coz it was like “their territory.” But Kuya then, seemed to hear nothing and continued walking. Whoa. I was like putting myself in danger. Whaha.


[spoiler /My First Impromptu Speech/ /Hide now!/]

I was so amazed with myself when our prof in SPCM1 told me that I did great and I am very tenacious (my speech revealed my optimism and perseverance on things), it was my first time to deliver an extemporaneous speech — our first activity in Speech Communication. Neither a small piece of paper nor an index card was with me when I spoke in front that made myself really proud when I finished. HAHAHA. NOTE: My freaking jaw still shook a bit, it never failed. Ugh.[/spoiler]

[spoiler /The Cow Dung/ /Hide now!/]

After class, Cresa told me that they were on their way to UPLB and asked me if I could see them. Of course I said sure and met them up at the Agronomy Bldg. They found this professor in UP that’d help them in their research project. While the prof together with them was doing the rituals, I was left there staring with all my bewilderment.

Yes. I said rituals. What was that they’re makin’?

The product will be ashes that came from dried cow shit (WTF?!) that they burned. It will give you some energy and would make crops grow faster and all, as the prof said. But, take note guys, they didn’t just burn the shit to the end, they had to sing this creepy hymn without knowing its meaning, wait until sunset, place those shit fragments in an inverted triangle position and whatsoevers. It was really confusing and WEIRD. Gaaaah.[/spoiler]

That’s all. XD I’m planning to make a new theme ‘coz this one is already cliche. I’ll try to make one like ate Mikyu‘s. I sooo love her theme. My DREAM THEEEEME!


9 thoughts on “Interacting with the Koreans

  1. Wow, you got some awesome stories there, dear.

    I was amazed with your story with the frat guy. I originally thought that frat guys were all machos with this high pride and all (???) but you proved my false thoughts false. Haha, sorry for my weirdness. XD

    Congratulations for your speech! If I were you I would’ve failed. LMAO.

    And that dung thing was really peculiar. šŸ˜ (LOL)

    Okay, later!

  2. interacting with koreans? hmmm. yeah I experienced one too.. gahd it’s so kewL as in kewL taLaga..haha! they look adorable kasi eeh atsaka hindi mga isnabera šŸ˜€

  3. Joelle– Thanks for reading the whole entry, I appreciated that. šŸ™‚
    Lorraine– Thanks. I miss you too! Sorry di ako nakakapag-blog hop ngayon.
    Bernadeth– Thank you.
    Abby– Ang cute nga nila. Hahaha. Tsaka nakakatuwa talaga. XD

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