OoLaLai's PR turns to 1.

Hi!Hi guys! How’s everyone? I’m glad I received some comments from you on my last entry even though I did not have the chance to blog hop. I replied on your comments and I’ll visit your pages a little later. ๐Ÿ™‚

After reading Chester’s off-line message at Y! M saying that his webpage PR went up, I quickly replied that he was lucky that he has his going up. After that, I turned to prchecker.info and was astonished to find out that OoLaLai’s PR is now 1! Yey! I dunno when it rose ‘coz I seldom check it out. Of course, I didn’t forget to have a shot of it. ๐Ÿ™‚

PR went up to 1

rachelle and laysa

Yesterday, Rachelle and I planned to meet because we sooo miss each other. She’s studying at UP Manila now and unlike before, we get to be with each other only once a month, I guess. We went to the places were we used to go and had a non-stop storytelling-picture taking. Furthermore, we noticed that our feet got so nasty, so we went to Kami No Ishi to have some FOOT SPA. Hahaha.

After a month, I found myself a little adjusted to the kind of life in college. Last week’s a little busy and I bet the coming weeks would be a lot busier. Midterms are coming and I have to review a lot! Getting an average of 2 in all my subjects is my goal. Aww. I have to work really hard for it obviously.


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