Those Vibes

Then again, I don’t have something in mind to blog about. Hahaha. I wanted to fill this site with all those peculiar things that are happening to me, however, I never thought that there’d be so few! xD

Hmm. Last week was… Uhh, nothing. Just assignments, meetings, homework and a lot of school related stuff mixed with some butterflies in my stomach. Hahaha! Despite that, I still can’t help but be slothful regarding school works, procrastinating.

Last Friday, [spoiler]I was scheduled to do some reporting in SpeechComm1. I started making my powerpoint presentation and speech plan teh night before and as expected, I became to sleepy and wasn’t able to finish what I was supposed to do. Thank goodness there wasn’t enough time for my report (‘coz I was the last one) and our prof told me to do my reporting the next meeting. <b>Maybe the reason why I couldn’t finish my job ‘coz I felt those vibes telling me that that wasn’t my day. Hahaha. </b> Anyway, I have to prepare for my report now ‘coz I’ll be reporting at the very start of the class. :)[/spoiler]

Deka inspired layie

Moving on, buyblogreviews and blog to profit finally approved OoLaLai. I’m currently anticipating offers from them and hopefully, I’d earn even a single dollar. I think that’s quite an achievement for a beginner. Haha.

Just recently, I changed my layout. Got the base codes from Ate Freyah. (Thanks!) I just miss my former classmates from high school a lot that made me make a IV-Descartes inspired layout. Hmm. Yet, I’m thinking of replacing it again ‘coz there is too little space to put my plug-ins, etcetera. HELP anyone? That’s it. Adios. xD


7 thoughts on “Those Vibes

  1. ang ganda talaga ng layout mo girl. School na school ang dating! ako nga eh, di ko matutuloy yung mga tasts na nag bid ako kasi nawala lahat ng entries ko.. etc.! pero goodluck jan sis!

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