Mushroom Madness

PSY1 cmates

Flor, Jolly, Marione and I

Uhh. Last Saturday, my classmates and I went to a field trip at Tagaytay. There we went to Brahma Kumaris, a spiritual learning center located there. The trip is for my PSY1 class and my teacher said that it’s a lot related to our subject ‘coz it will enable us to explore ourselves. Yeah, right.

We arrived at around 8am and had some briefing. After that, we had some pansit with i-dunno-what-kind-of mushroom! At first I ate it and it was pretty weird then Jolly, my classmate, started telling me that it was FROG’s skin! But yeah it looked like one and made some feeling of disgust in me, so I placed all the mushrooms on the side of my plate. LOL.

We did some meditations and so-so but then I think I wasn’t able to concentrate. I’m not into such stuff that’s why I just grabbed my pen and solved some math equations. I’ve always been practicing since then ‘coz I have to improve my Math skills (do I even have that?! haha) to prepare for being a ComSci student, hopefully.

We were all very hungry and can’t wait for lunch. Around 12.30pm, we found out that we’ll be eating some FRIED MUSHROOM and OKRA! Oh goodness. I lost my appetite. I can’t imagine having MUSHROOM SNACKS late in the afternoon. I guess I don’t have to detail all the crazy things we did. Hehe.

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– I switched back to my old layie ‘coz my webhost said I have some problems with mySQL then yet, I don’t know how to do something about it that’s I’m back to the old layout.

I was about to post this yesterday but then my head suddenly ached so painfully, then my arms and hands got numb, I puked and then fell asleep. Now, I’m pretty okay. πŸ™‚ It always happens.


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