It all pays off

We have this what you call “HELL WEEK” in UPLB. I know it’s over exaggerated to call it “hell” but that’s the way it is. Hahaha. Hell week is when you’ll be having exams on most of your subjects on a week. Sometimes, “HELL DAY” also exists. But thank goodness, I haven’t had one.

I just had my quiz in NASC7(Animals), SOSC1(Social Science), DEVC10(DevCommunication) plus two more in MATH11 (College Algebra). I think I did pretty well except in SOSC1. I just don’t like essays and elaborating on topics too much. I always deliver answers briefly but then, a question in SOSC1 exam is equivalent to 65 points that’s why I really had to lengthen and broaden my explanations. Still, it wasn’t enough ‘coz I used only a page of my blue book, yet my classmates, I think, used 2 or more. Oh well. Goodluck to me. ๐Ÿ˜€

When my site had reached 3 months old and gained PR 1, paying sites started accepting my blog for reviews. Bloggerwave was the one first (it hasn’t given my money yet), then BlogToProfit, then BuyBlogReviews. LOL. Notice my 4 previous entries. I thought making reviews were so easy. I was wrong! My two reviews got rejected by BToP ‘coz I copied some of the review’s parts on other sites. Ooooh BAD me! xD They gave me 5 offers but I failed to make the last one ‘coz I was too lazy to do so. Uhh. Whatever. Hahaha. And btw, I got one more offer from BBR which I think is a lot harder than that of the the requirements of BToP’s. I do hope I earn some money from these sites. I’ve been working on my site too much and I think, I deserve at least dollar in my PayPal. :))


9 thoughts on “It all pays off

  1. Aww my hell week is going to start next week
    back to college life which sucks ass haha stressy days coming to my nerve soon
    Goolduck with sponsored post. I don’t trust them.
    But i have to suggest smorty ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lizas last blog post..Sweden Holiday 2

  2. awts ano ba yan ang dami niyo naman exams lol…
    kayanin mo pa ba kaya ang mga yan…
    oh no wag kang lazy sa paggawa ng task sis…
    sayang ung mga task….
    pati na rin ung maeearn mo na pera sayang din…
    btw gud luck sa lahat sis…

    tc always mwaaaaaaaah…

    Roses last blog post..Wheeeew im Back!!!

  3. goodluck sa exam..Ang hirap talgah minsan gumwa ng sps hehe ang dami naman bingay sa ng btop sa akin laging 3 lang wahahaha…sana bayaran ka ng bloggerwave..Buti ka nga pr1 haha ako wlah..

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