I froze

We don’t fall into temptation, we DIVE into it.

That’s what I learned about today’s fellowship. It simply means that it is our own choice when we let temptations get the best of us. Having a strong foundation with God will keep us from it. 🙂

About the title, uhh, I just don’t know what to put there so I just thought of what happened to me a while ago while I was riding the jeepney on my way home. He he. It was freezing! Brrr. Oh well, just got my our computer fixed. Some undetected virus destroyed it, thus, the only way to fix it is to gave it formatted. Anyway, it wasn’t a thing to worry about ‘coz I automatically save all my files on the other hard disk (not on C:). Usually, it’s only C: which goes to the delete-all-files thingy.

Some things that shouldn’t be forgotten for the past few weeks/days:

  • FIRST TIME to earn some bucks from my site! Received $10 +P800 from sponsored posts. xD
  • Topped the Psychology1 long exam. Yippeeee! On the other hand,
  • Got my first failing exam at DevComm10, my major subject. (–least liked subject. aww)
  • Passed all the other exams except “that” one.
  • Our college secretary is planning to prohibit shifting to other courses!! (wanted to cry after hearing this. hahaha)
  • First time to join a Quiz Contest. Guess what, it’s about DevC10! Hahahaha! We were kind of forced to join because of the incentive. LOL. ‘Twas fun tho. A new experience for me. xD
  • Watch UAAP 2008 last Sunday. I screamed so hard I got my head aching. UP is the indisputably  best!! I felt the UP blood rushing into my body when I was there. Oh my, I just can’t wait to watch for the next season.
  • Attended American-English Speaking workshop last Monday.
  • What else? I guess there’s nothing left. 🙂


P.S. Sorry guys I really don’t have time for blog hopping. Tsk, tsk.


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