13 hours and 30 minutes

I just checked how long I’ve been using the computer since this morning and it showed me that. Aaaargh. This is my longeeeeeeeest PC usage ever and you know what, I am just working on a speech plan about Saying No. I can’t believe my eyes aren’t sore yet. They got used to the torture, I guess.

I’m working the whole day but still, I haven’t finished this stuff. NO, this speech is not as long as what you are thinking. In fact, it ain’t exceeded a single page! HOW CRAZY! It’s a freakin’ waste of time. I could have reviewed for my 6 upcoming tests for the next two weeks but instead, I let myself be glued on the pc and work on my speech like 5 minutes per hour.

I need discipline. A lot of it.


6 thoughts on “13 hours and 30 minutes

  1. @Bernadette – Hahaha. Ang hirap maging addict noh.
    @jhoana – sige sis, link kita. Mejo di pa kasi ayus ang contacts page ko.
    @Liza – dun sa network places. Meron dun duration. Hehe.
    @Sweetie&Bunny – thanks! I did just fine. 😀
    @mama – wala ka din magagamit! :))

    oolalais last blog post..13 hours and 30 minutes

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