Gaaah, lost interest

Alright. I suppose I lost my interest updating this domain esp. terms of posting blog entries. What I really wanted in the first place wasn’t just happening, it’s been 7 months and I’m not making any money at all. Waiting for offers for quite a long time had turned me impatient. I give up. Well, I guess I’ll just keep this site running just for the sake of having a domain, a website where I can practice web designing. I wish I had all the time to practice but it’s impossible for me who’s now making a bridge to where I really wanted to go and settle. I’m making a frail one now and I hope I’d able to cross in time before it crashes. Enough of that. I’m watching Gossip Girl.

And could anyone help me? I accidentally deleted the only 3 comments I had on my last post. It came all together with those spam comments that have been flooding me three months ago. How do I manage these spam?! It sucks and makes me don’t wanna check this domain even more. I’m also planning to reset my contacts page in no time. Gtg.


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