Frustrated Astronomer

As soon as I read a friend’s plurk saying that he wanted to see Jupiter, Venus and the Moon’s smiley, the first thing I did was search for it in the internet. Then I found out that this unusual sky event (Conjunction of Moon, Venus, and Jupiter “3 Degree Triangle”) will happen around 9pm tonight, then, a glance of the PC clock saying it’s already 10pm made me go out of our house putting on my eyeglasses as I paced myself. I walked in the porch first, expecting that I would be able to see Luna at once. It wasn’t visible anywhere up in the sky. I went out, looked up, turned around, looking for the moon and hoping to see it with her company. Then yet, she didn’t show up. The callous clouds might have blocked her. It was an hour late and probably, the moon drifted a few degrees away from Venus and Jupiter even if I was able to see it. I dunno why but these sky events never fail to give me delight. And not seeing this one,  it’s devastating considering that it’s something new for me. I’m quite familiar with eclipses, meteor showers but not this one. And it’s gonna happen again after 4 years. 😦

Oh, as I spoke about Meteor showers, I remember last year (it was Dec14) when my sister and I stayed up the whole evening awake, patiently waiting  for Geminids Meteor Shower. And as the informations told us, IT WAS DEFINITELY SPECTACULAR. I saw 88 meteors falling in different directions in 4 hours. Everytime a meteor streaked on the night sky, it was like a stimuli that triggered a forceful head turn and shock from me. It was awesome. And I’m seeing it again on its peak, Dec 13, hopefully because the moon will shine bright on that night. Hope you’d go out and see it too.

** I felt worse. My sister just came and she told me she saw the SMILEY that the moon formed. She didn’t bother to txt because she thought I knew about it and assumed that it was just something usual. It was something not fascinating for her, extremely opposite of what I’d feel if I were able to see it.

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