You are my life now

I reaaaally have to blog about my Twilight experience because I don’t ever wanna forget the variety of feelings I felt whenever I see, hear, watch something related to Twilight Saga. I’m talking about the movie since I’d seen it with my self just hours ago at Cash&Carry in Makati. *LOL*

Desperation was quite enough for me to watch Twilight alone. It was the first time I went to a movie having no one to talk to because my mom should stay near her booth. Anyway, it didn’t matter because as soon as the film started, I deeply engrossed myself with the scenes expecting that my imaginations will match the movie’s scenes. However, beside me were two girls around 20s who kept talking and talking – abusing the use of the word “girl.” I was pretty sure they haven’t read the book because they kept talking about assumptions making me a bit distracted which I didn’t allow. It makes me wonder why they won’t just let the scenes move through. I liked the movie a lot especially the part where the Cullens played baseball. Considering that it was a  low budget movie, the scene perfectly went well giving the audiences a feeling of total excitement as they were playing.

I waited for the part when it was Edward’s first time to go into Bella’s room with her knowing it but unfortunately, they didn’t give much to that part. Apparently, I expected more. There were a lot of parts that were not shown. It was just after I saw the movie when Rachelle told me it was low budgeted, I should have known earlier. I expected a fascinating brilliance form Edward when they’re in the meadow but he had so little sparkles. Anyway, enough of the critiquing because despite all those, (I even have more in mind) the movie overall was GREAT and will definitely make you badly anticipate its sequel as I do. I bet New Moon’s movie will be a lot better. In contrast with most of the people say, I liked New Moon more than Twilight. Yes. It did focus on Jacob and Bella, but the ending was worth the unwanted scenes of the two. I can’t believe myself screaming over a book. And mind you, it was THE VERRY FIRST TIME I finished a novel. That’s simply because of Twilight!! I’m looking forward to reading Eclipse!

I’m posting some twilight goodies for you guys tomorrow. I’ll be updating this post.

Oh. And as you can see I’m working out on my new layout. Please bear with me, I know my previous layout rotted now and I have to replace it. BYEEEEE! 🙂


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