2 school days to go :)


I’m getting reaally frantic about Christmas Vacation. Two school days to go, that’d be on Tues. and Wed., and I WILL BE FREEEE! YAY! Free from all those school works, brain-damaging Philosophical analyses and especially free from going to the i’m-so-huge-but-not-air-conditioned UPLB main library. Hahaha. I heard it’d be centralized next sem. 🙂

Second semester is DIFFERENT. I’m no longer a NEW Freshman now; “NF” as we were former recognized. A lot have changed, and that, included my hair style. I’m wearing bangs that extend above my brows and it oddly grows fast. I don’t notice my hair growing ’til I got this new hair cut. I naturally have a wavy hair (not in a good way) and that made my bangs curvacious, too. LOL. I have to use the straightening iron that my sister bought me in Divisoria so that it won’t look ridiculous. Hahaha.

Oh. Going back. As I was saying, I’m looking forward so much about the Christmas break because I want to read Breaking Dawn non-stop! Hahahahhaa.  It’s not possible to do it having to wake up early in the morning, like 7am?  Whoa. I can’t imagine waking up that early when I just slept at 4. BTW, I almost finished Eclipse and for some reason, New Moon still topped my list. BUT NO, I’m not from TEAM JACOB. NO, NO, NO. Never! XD It’s just that when the whole book almost talked about Jacob and Bella’s fling when Edward away, I never expected that the climax and ending would be THAT GREAT. It had me screaming and jumping around. LOL. I can never forget that first time I got carried away, READING A BOOK. xD I’ll let you guys know if my top list would change once I finish Eclipse. Aww. My entry got so lengthy again. Bye :))

P.S. Look I changed my layout. Still on the process of construction. xD


4 thoughts on “2 school days to go :)

  1. Oh lala. Love the layout, love the post… so lurve the owner and her new gorgeous hair! MUSTA KA NA BAKLA? Hahaha! Merry christmas! Naglaho blog ko.. don’t worry, babalik rin ako. I shall return! Miss na kita!! Like, talaga! Hahaha! Enjoy this season!

  2. @Sis Freyah- thanks! I know you can get through your problems. Have a merry christmas still.
    @Jazmine- i miss you sooo bakla. I’m missing your blogs. The nosebleed ones. Enjoy the season too. 😀

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