Happy Holidays!

Christmas went by so expeditiously like some whatever was chasing it (it was the first time I didn’t anticipate the occasion) and now, 2 days to go and we’ll say goodbye to 2008. Time is pacing so fast I dunno if I’d be happy or afraid about it. I guess I’ve got so many worries circling in my mind, bumping to each other, building a pile. I have to forget about these though, it would never really help. HAHA.

Oh. Anyway, last Christmas was the most unlikely EVER! Usually, we had agendas lined up for Christmas Day like going to our relatives or just driving out of town to go to the mall. Then yet, last December 25, I woke up hearing my bones clicking as I stretched. It absolutely did not feel relaxing to wake up at at noon, it was no revitalizing, moreover, I occasionally wake up that late. It was absurd because neither of my parents woke me up, they were supposed to ruin my sleep and tell me to take a bath quickly for the reason we’re going here and there. HAHAHA. There was no pressure brought by my parents as I was waking up, what a preposterous tedium for Christmas.

It was a sort of reflex: turning the PC on after a couple of minutes after waking up, as if it’s some kind of a life support. It’s stupid but what else is there to do, right? Haha. I bonded with Plurk and Y!M until I received Erwin‘s message asking me where I was. A message that gave a little hope to my unusually monotonous Christmas day. He asked me if it was okay with me if I go with them at Sunstar, a nearby mall here in Santa Cruz where probably, every bored person was heading to that day. He said we’ll be watching Tanging Ina.

As expected, the mall was really crowded and it look disgusting UNTIDY. HAHA. It was really annoying to not be able to walk properly because you were bumping with the other guys. REALLY. It’s no exaggeration. HAHAHA. YET, funny because no matter how annoyed we were, we chose to stay. HAHA.

I guess that’s enough for a blog post.



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