4th year Class Christmas Party

Last Decmeber 29, IV-Descartes, our class held a Christmas Party at Kamayan sa Palaisdaan at Bay which were organized by our very own Malunggay Ice Cream Research Group members namely: Chela, Rome and Gsel. Without them, the get together wouldn’t have been possible.

AS I entered the venue, the clamor produced by the combination of the loud voices of my classmates who were shouting even though they weren’t even a rule a part made me very happy and nostalgic. I missed that kind of din that rips my ear drums apart. That’s how the STAR section of batch 2008 behaves. Is that something to be proud of? HAHA.

We ate Sisig, Chopsuey and Ginataang Isda. Even while eating, I still heard hilarious punch lines from my classmates that sometimes were referring to out terror adviser that we didn’t invite. Is that on purpose anyway? HAHAHA. Anyway, after the “feeding” program for the noisy pigs, we tried to have games that are unsuccessful. But the Gossip Girl part that was led by me was really FUN! We had pictorials (LOTS OF IT) after.


the bridge with them :D

Click to enlarge


4 thoughts on “4th year Class Christmas Party

  1. hahaha natawa ako dun sa pigs.. Makes me remember our christmas party too last december. hindi wag na nating sabihing maingay ang star section.. sabihin na ang natin active lang talaga..Lol ^^ happy new year!!

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