Congratulations, Pedro Guevara!

My beloved Alma Mater, Pedro Guevara Memorial National High School, again brings out the brightest and smartest students who passed UPCAT 2009. 😀

Most of the the fourth year students, some of which are also my barkadas, passed COMSCI. I am very ecstatic about the results considering that it’s a double quota course plus the fact that I will soon shift to that course and consequently, they’d be my classmates. YEY!

I can’t wait for the next school year!! HAHAHAHA!!

Congratulations everyone!! 🙂

UP Los Baños

Ariane Catamora – BS AMath
Minette Mimay – BS ChE
Edchelle Flores – BS DevCom
Dianne Ramos – BS Bio
Avin Alejo – BS ComSci
Jeiel Adefuin – BS ComSci
Abigael Subiela – pending case
Cyrille Gregorio – BS Bio

UP Baguio

Cresa Ramos – BS Bio

UP Diliman

Mykel Barte – BS ChE
Abi Rosales – BA Linguistics


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