Major construction Infinitum

I installed a new layout.

and deleted my links page.

Now, I’m modifying the widget-ready codes..

This site has been up since May 2008 yet still, I’d never finished a layout and I’d never made some sense out of this stinking domain. I kept changing and changing my layie without even finishing one. It sucks. Am I that busy?  I think it’s just me and my lame skills in web design. I don’t care. LOL.

Ranting. Ranting in my blog. Everyone does it and now, so do I. Nothing’s new aside from my acads. Hell days just started yesterday and that means saying goodbye to reading (just a bit XD), glueing eyes to the pc, watching Gossip Girl, etc. I realized: Sometimes, you just really have to give way to your academe. Yes, sometimes. HAHA. I dunno, but never did I put ‘studying and school’ on top of my intangible priorities list.

As for now, I wouldn’t be accepting link exchanges. Uhh, you may delete my blog on your list if you wish. I’d be back blog hopping and socializing online when I gain enough drive to do so. I guess that would be some time. Soo, toodles. xD


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