And again, and again..

For the fourth time in this school year, I LOST MY EYEGLASSES!

Stupid eyeglasses which lost its grip on my shirt yesterday! Every time I enjoy myself too much, this thing which makes me see the world vividly leaves unnoticed. Unfortunately, I realize that by the time the bliss subsides which happens to be a couple of hours later. Ugh. The same thing happened to the second and third ones.

I just wish I could use the contact lenses for consecutive days but my eyes just won’t allow that. It gets so red expressing its own way of irritation.

OH man. What else is there to do but buy a new one… The optometrist would again think I’m having a collection of specs with all those different frame designs and styles I bring them every time I pay them a visit.

Therefore: An eyeglass for euphoria. Cheers!


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