Impending farewell?

In exactly 34 days, my very own is gonna go poof into the air. Yeah, right. It’s already been a year since, but then, this website remained as crappy as it has started.

But hey, I don’t think I wasted P350 as a payment for this site. In fact, I earned P800 for making a sponsored review. That gives me P450 more money. HAHA. And, I also received $10 dollars in my Paypal account. That’s the end of it tho. HAHAHA.

Despite that, 65% goes to me renewing this domain. I know, this crap didn’t get to the best that it can be yet I don’t want to lose all the stuff I have placed here. You know, it doesn’t obviously seem a hard work to you but I spent lots of wee hours in the morning doing that. By ‘THAT’ I mean all these thingies you can see and explore in my site.

So there, I made a senseless blog post. XD

This could be


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