Paola Ysabel

Small “Latin”

Sensitive and emotional you are highly intuitive and have a wonderful imagination. The instinctive impressions which you receive about people and situations are usually accurate and mean that you can rarely be misled. You have healing and counselling abilities which can help to alleviate the suffering of others. Your loyalty, integrity and belief in life means that you are much admired and assured of many friends.

Consecrated to God “Hebrew”

You have leadership ability and with your power of expression can be an influential speaker. Organisation or management would suit you. Your energy, intellect and creativity overcome any challenging situations and assure your future success. Certainly with your emotions under control there is nothing which you cannot achieve. Your faith and vitality means that love and prosperity are naturally attracted to you.

Very well said. Hahaha. I seriously can’t comprehend how they come up with those name’s meanings. Come to think of it, how many people’s names are there in this whole wide world? How did they come up up with such meanings for each unique name? And take note, they have different results if you typed your 2-word (for most) first name into the search bar. On the contrary, those meanings are some what akin to the Paola Ysabel you know. Am I not right? Therefore, amazing. HAHA.

Know yours here:

P.S. If you happen to not know, Paola Ysabel is my first name. XD


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