It's been a while

Aside from finding blogging a little boring lately, I’ve been very, very busy processing my shifting papers. And that process includes me taking summer classes in UPD Diliman, thus, leaving me internet-less and computer-less.

If you might ask, I was able to shift! Weee. That’s from BS Development Communication to BS Computer Science in UPLB. I remained oblivious from all the hardships and discouragements I received from people and now look, I’ve reached the very goal I’ve been wanting even before I entered college.

Much as I wanted to tell all the stories that happened in the shifting process and the adventures I underwent in Diliman, I can’t – having no computer and being not sure what interesting to write. I think all those stories that happened (for me all of them are memorable) would make a novelette. LOL. So that’s all. I can’t make this any longer.

I’m here at my cousin’s house and oh yes, I wrecked our PC. :)) BYE!


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