The Resurrection

I came across old posts, old blogs of mine and was quite amazed by how I was able to keep updating anonymous readers (are there?) with what’s going on with my entire “semi-public” life.

I realized I have to revive my beloved territory on the web. Aside from the fact that I would waste 450Php – which I think I’ve already had – I wanted to savage my burried skills in writing.

Hmm. So there, I’ll start from scratch and will TRY to be able to fully set-up this blog before the dreadful semester starts.

But wait there’s more! Yeah. I am kind of hesitant about still using this “paid” domain when those free domains work quite as well (they don’t ever expire at least!). Anyway, I’d be setting that thought aside for now for I am still paying for the remaining days of this site which is on the state of being reborn.

To tell you about this day, it had been really wonderful. I spent time with my former bandmates and will be also reviving our endangered band. Before we headed to our place, I asked them to go with me and find a place where I can do this G-Cash thing because I need to pay for something I bought on Multiply.

That would be all for now! Byerrrs! 🙂


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