I see some progress

And yes you do, too, of course. I seemed that I exerted the littlest of effort in making this layout but hey, I made this for hours. I was examining every single code and testing which part of the layout would change once I modify it. So much for the bla-bla.

Tomorrow, oh! I mean later, I’ll be off to UPLB with Ariane because I have to follow-up some crap that went with my shifting papers and documents. A very crucial subject of mine (which caused me a year more in college) – CMSC 56, Discrete Mathematics blah-blah – has been ripped off my sched and it make me crazy ever! I can’t afford to have another year of extension. I’ll have it fixed tomorrow and after that, I am gonna make my mind if I am going with mu Uncle to Manila. Sembreak won’t be complete if I wouldn’t have the chance to traipse around the crowded malls of “urbanisasyon.”


I hope everyone’s safe after the retaliation of nature againsts human race. 🙂


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