And you shall find

I was out of town (our town, yeah) for 2 days! Wee. That was last Wednesday and Thursday(week before last, lol). After my summer classes in UPD, I’ve mastered going to QC on my own, as well as going to Trinoma and SM North. Therefore, that makes me crave for the places we don’t have here in the provincia. lol.

Since I don’t have ‘that much’ money to spend, I went with my Uncle. He works at Metropolitan Manila as an instructor and CI. (I really don’t know what that means. Haha) We left Laguna at 4AM and since he has to work in the morning, I decided to go to my mom’s place in Makati first. And then the story goes.. :))

To go to my mom’s place, you ride the LRT bus then get off at dela Rosa, then walk until you reach Buendia where you’ll see a tricycle TODA. And yes I did that, went down at a place that seemed to be dela Rosa then it turned out that I shouldn’t be there. I walked like 3 times longer than I supposed to and colored the right leg of my white pants black.

ANYway, I was able to go to my mom’s place. I don’t know how long I’ve walked but it made my mom panic. It was funny though.

I just slept and woke up to go to Robinson’s Manila. My Uncle’s there waiting for me. Then he had me as his guest at Fitness First where I ‘worked out’, played with the pieces of equipment (I did play with those) and the most FUN part was the group workout in a form of Dancing. We did Rhumba, hip-hop and a lot more. 🙂

The next day, I went to HotNails at New Manila – by myself. I am proud to say I didn’t get lost but it was worth a lot of questions to guards and strangers. Thank you, thank you whoever you are. 😀

The most unforgettable moment:  I got splashed with water (dirrrty water) caused by a fast vehicle. From then I knew, it does happen! LOL.

After the pampering, I went to Trinoma to meet Erwin. He made me wait for an hour and a half. To tell you, that’s the lower bound of the range. It’s [1.5hrs, 6hrs+++ infinity). It almost made me cry. Hahaha. Never got used to it. When he arrived, we ate at World Chicken (his treat) and went to the cinemas and seen (500) Days of Summer. He paid for the tickets, too. Hahaha. Lucky ME!

‘Twas past 9PM when I decided to go home. I lost on my way, Erwin told me that when I get down MRT, I would just walk straight and after a few moments I’ll see the bus station. But NO! Later did I find out that I had to cross the foot bridge – after I got cold sweat and shaky tears which were afraid to fall from my eyes. Hehe.



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