My Second Rest Day

Today is the second day of Christmas Vacation. I haven’t felt the Christmas spirit yet, but yeah, it’s kind of freezing right now (I easily get cold) So, is that the spirit we’re talking about here? I guess not. XD

Anyway, I was out with Rachelle a while ago. We went to the nicest spa – in my preference – here in Sta. Cruz, Kami No Ishi. Good thing it has recovered from the waist-high flood that Typhoon Ondoy has brought it. Chela and I had our eyelashes permed again. We’ve been having it since high school. 🙂 She paid for mine. HAHA. Said it will serve as her gift for my birthday last October.

So there. No pictures. I sorta hate seeing myself right now. My facial skin is hideously a disaster. HELP!!

;;) ;;))

Batting eyelashes,


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