Life-changing? Kind of.

Lez see. Okay. My last post was my yadiyada about my Christmas vacation. Now, it’s 3 weeks since the first day of 2010 classes have started. Why am I doing this post? Bicuzzz, I wanna delay doing my first ever scientific paper for my NaSc 5 (Environmental Biology) subject. Take note: It should be hand-written, yo. That a reaaaally tedious work to do.

U-huh. Soo. Uhh. Yeah. Ha ha. The past 3 weeks was acad-life changing. (In a bad way, I guess, but NO. Yes? Oh, yes it is. lol) I’ve been very busy with regards to my two organizations in UPLB: UP Photographers’ Society and UPLB Negosyantes. I can’t pinpoint anything alike on those two, well, aside from both of them comprise a group of UPLB students and both are COOL. \m/ UP PhotoS just had it’s 13th successful recruitment process and myy o myyyy, it was FUN! It was one of those i-can-count-with-my-fingers times when I felt superior. The apprentices are somehow not allowed to treat you as a normal person, but a higher-level human. HAHA. Anyway, with Negosyantes, we are now into a new business which indeed entails sacrificing time. Our biggest competitor now is time and not others, not even ourselves. I don’t wanna elaborate. And if that made you interested, search for me in Facebook and you can freely send me a message and ask. šŸ˜€

Wuuutt else, I made an account at A site where someone can ask this certain someone whatever question he has in mind anonymously.

That’s it! HAHAHA. Finally, a blog post. Adios! šŸ˜€


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