PAC 2010

Last Saturday, February 20, I met people who have the same interest waves as mine. To some of the members of Astronomy League of the Philippines whom I met last week, HELLO and clear skies to everybody! 😀

The night before the Philippine Astronomy Convention was a struggle. Supposed to be, February 20 is the day for UPLB Negosyantes’ big event. I can’t afford missing the very convention I’ve waited for so long. So then, after praying a lot for the decision I was going to make, I was off to Manila Planetarium. :))

Meeting people who are engrossed with Astronomy, as well, was really nice. When we were star gazing at Rajah Sulayman Park at Baywalk, with all those huge telescopes they brought with them, the people walking along the sideways who think of us as weird were the very people who went to peak through the scope eyepiece first.

Anyway, as much as I wanted to make this post longer, it’s already 4PM and I should be in my CS 56 class now. BYE!

OH, Astronomy freaks! Hope to be with you on March 13 at Caliraya, Laguna for ALP’s Messier Marathon! YAY! 😀


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