July 19, 2011

Today my dad biked all the way here to Elbi to fix my bike. That’s three or four towns away from our home but he’s a rider so for him, it was a short trip.

My bike seat got so low, I can’t even get myself to run the bike because my knees get so bent whenever I try. Oh and by the way, my bike was assembled by my father. Cycling has always been his hobby and I can tell he was ecstatic when I requested him for a bicycle which I can use here in campus. 

So many things happened today. Clean & Clear announced the Top Best Friends Contest winning pair (I haven’t blogged about our interview, yet) then I attended the Victory Group led by Nyxa—it was a good topic mainly revolving around John 9:39, also went to Batch Panorama’s batch dinner-slash/videoke(it’s our second year in UP PhotoS) aaaaaand lastly, watched UPLB AstroSoc’s tune-up(?) game with ERG-UPLB. Today was jam-packed with my extra-curricular activities. I think I don’t even have time for studying. Hahahahaha!

Before I end this post, I have a question which I had a hard time answering a while ago at our Victory Group. Just comment your answers on my next post here.


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