Mr. & Ms. KasCASan Photoshoot | July 16, 2011 

I’m starting to learn how to do a natural-looking makeup on myself. Mi zo proud! 😉

Carlo Virtucio and I will be representing Mr. & Ms. AstroSoc on the 23rd. Honestly, I don’t have much confidence do that kind of thing but of course, I’m still doing it for the sake of experience and adventure. >:)

As far as I can remember, I only joined two school pageants—one in elementary which they say I could have won (if only it didn’t seem that I’d pass out the minute I walked in front of the mic) and the other, back when I was a high school freshie that I was too skinny to win. Nevertheless, those ventures are truly memorable and for me, they are fun stories to tell!

How about you, have you ever joined a pageant? What was it like? 😉


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