The Clean & Clear Experience

I should blog about this now before I totally forget about the whole experience. Top Best Friends 2011 Jilli & Sab just got back from Singapore for the Beauty Camp with the other BFF’s from different countries. After which, international voting for the Grand Top BFF’s will start this August. So…

How did this start for Rachelle and I? It was totally Rachelle’s idea. The prizes include a trip to Singapore (which she soooo wants) and modeling contracts which she knows I won’t skip. But really, I just join and go anything that comes along my way. Adventurous-type huh.

Voting stint. The voting process was for a month which started June 12. What shocked me then was the voters could vote every single day—which means we have to remind them constantly which we know would be annoying.

There was a time we topped among all the pairs but finally, we ended Top 10. Thank God the Clean & Clear staff was getting the Top 15 to be interviewed.

Interview. I had to ditch classes for this but Rachelle won’t (it’s against her being, lol) We were scheduled before lunch but I arrived in Manila around 10am which was too early. Guess what, Rachelle came late hahahhaha I was close to getting pissed but nope, didn’t allow that to happen :)) The incident just proved that if you’re nearer the rendezvous, you will be arriving much later. 


We had fun at the interview. OH BUT BEFORE THAT, I had fun at the elevator! Hahaha! I got in and out of it four times (there were like 12 of it on the ground floor, each going to specific floors) before I found the correct elevator which would lead me to the right floor. Going back, the interview kinda had us recall our stories we already forgot about. We should have prepared ourselves with BFF stories. Haha! It was quick and then they gave us Clean & Clear products 🙂 Afterwards, we roamed around the tower which was the 2nd tallest in the country. There was one floor level there with all the food stalls and resto, we ate then headed back to school. 😉

I don’t know when but I am thinking of joining the contest again, maybe after 3 years, please Rachelle? *battling eyelashes* Now we know that the local voting round was just for the C&C staff to decide who will enter the interview stage. Once in the interview stage, votes were disregarded and the results were purely based on the interview itself. Therefore, the next time we join we’ve already got years of preparation. Hahahaha

Lastly, THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO OUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY WHO VOTED FOR US! 2906, wow. Hugs and kisses, my lovelies!♥

End of Story.


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