[UPDATE] Timezones: Preparing for TCA 2011 Live Stream

Teen Choice Awards 2011 will be on August 7, 6:30pm EST (Eastern Standard Time

So for my countrymen…
“To get Manila Time, just add 1 to current eastern time, +2 for Central, +3 for Mountain, +4 for Pacific, +5 for Alaska, +6 for Hawaii, then convert am/pm.

So if it is 4PM in California (Pacific), just add 4 and convert PM to AM, then you’ll get the time in Manila, which is 8AM.”

Which means, it’s gonna be on Monday, August 8 at 7:30am here in the Philippines.

I got this from a Y! Answers user. I included the link in this post. Plus, below are the links I’ve searched for the live stream. I hope one of them works! 😀 

I AM EXCITED TO SEE MAGGIE & SHANE at the red carpet! Mags will be a presenter so that’s one more thing to be excited about 🙂 The first streaming link is embedded at TCA’s Facebook Fan Page. So IT BETTER WORK IN 3 HOURS TIME








Lastly, will be live tweeting at @TheMikitaJunkie if I’ve had enough study already for my exam CMSC 124 on that night. 


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