Meet my naked electric fan. It caught my left knee, ouch. Charlieee, that hurts!

I removed its cover because it always detaches from the body and then it hits the blades, therefore, producing a panicky irritating sound. There were lots of times I woke up so nervous because of it—so there you go nekkid fan LOL

Now, another problem. Currently it’s placed near our wall mirror and whenever we look ourselves in it, we had to be extra careful. HAHAHA Now, look at my knee on the pic. Haha. There’s no other place to put it though, if you might ask.


Today’s was another slightly busy day for my extra-curricular activities. UPLB AstroSoc won against Symbiosis in Bowling (that’s me, Lyka & JR) and in Women’s Table Tennis (you go, Denise!) Next week, we’ll be competing at the same set of games with another org. Wish us luck! 🙂 I didn’t tell you I played Ultimate Frisbee with my orgmates last Monday and super LOST. Hahahahaha!

Moving on, I got my promotional shirt for Junto Al Pasig. I’ll wear it tomorrow at school but the thing is it’s the same thing as shouting that you’re gonna be in the play. (WHICH I AM NOT) I’ll just be singing and slightly hidden all the time. LOL. We learned another song a while ago, it’s the fourth actually and is kinda high. Average  is at higher C. Whoaa. I haven’t told you about my singing career. Maybe next time. HE HE.

Academe? I can only talk about my PE 2 Class which is Outdoor Recreation. We had a picnic I while ago. How I love getting grades solely by eating and playing. You guys should go ask for PE 2 – OR next semester. 😉

—August 10, 2011


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