Me and my hot pink nails

After I picked-up my Junto Al Pasig(school play) singers outfit, my feet took me to MetroHair where I had my finger nails taken care of. It’s been a very long time since I had a manicure because I think it’s just a waste of money—it’s still 50 pesos, ya know. Lol! That’s equivalent to a lunch meal here in our campus.

9.13.11 | If only I could just always cover my face. Facial skin worst case scenario at present

I was then at the best place at the right moment. Guess what? Ms. Universe was early this morning and there I was in the parlor witnessing and hearing the screams of souls of those ladies trapped inside men’s bodies. Gah, they were in chorus during the show hosts announced the Top 5 and then the winners. I found it hilarious though, no one really cared—even the boss or the customers—that the show was a time-stopper. 

Image credit to Joy Brito

Ms. Shamcey Supsup is also from the University of the Philippines. Photo credits to Joyce Brito

Regarding Ms. Shamcey Supsup‘s answer in the Q&A, I will agree with what Ms. Donita Rose tweeted earlier that the 3rd Runner Up’s answer doesn’t really fit in the real world. Yes, it didn’t and it takes a deeper understanding to actually get it; also a genuine relationship with God. Right there and then I knew, Shamcey knows the First and Greatest Commandment:

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. -Deutoronomy 6:5

Which made me recall this verse which was my 4th grade teacher’s fave:

In everything you do, put God first. -Proverbs 3:6

So that’s it for today. I’m having dilemmas about blogging about exciting things that happen in my life because I have so much to say which makes the post too long that I cannot finish it. Ack. See, I haven’t blogged about Ms. KasCASan, Junto Al Pasig and my singing career

Did you agree with Shamcey’s answer the first time you heard it?


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