This was taken January 26, 2011. No edits. I can’t believe how my facial skin ended up like this now. Everybody just can’t help but ask me what happened as if I have any idea. It’s too depressing it makes my cry. If only I could just skip school and seclude myself at home, I will do it. I know this is insane but this is proly the lowest point in my life. I don’t wanna blame staying up late for this; it’s just unacceptable when everybody else does the same. Paternal genes have something to do with it but I think it was aggravated by various products I apply on my face. And now it has gone worse. I just couldn’t pay for a dermatologist treatment since this happened.

It would really appreciate it if everyone’s just oblivious regarding this problem(which is my face). I also do think that is impossible so yeah, I just vented out and hope it does something.

On one note, don’t expect me to post a picture of me right now. There’s no way I am committing social suicide. Lol.


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