Optimism | 9.20.2011

Whenever asked what my best non-physical trait is, the first thing that comes to my mind to say is being optimistic. “Always look at the brighter side,” I always tell myself. No matter how awful the situation is, I manage to relax and find a better perspective to view a certain circumstance. But honestly, I don’t know if I can still answer the same question if someone’s going to ask me again now.

THAT EXPLAINS the photo above (the remaining two, just randomly being silly) Hahaha! Let’s just say I traveled back in the World War II and be a Makapili myself. 

The Makapili, with his face and head hidden inside the bayong, a native bag, was feared by Filipinos, who dreaded being picked out as guerillas fighting the Japanese. The mask gave the Makapili added sense of power because in the absence of recognizable identity, he lost accountability. (source | photo)

Will you ever think of that in your entire life? I did! Lol. So now if you’re asking what I was talking about, then most probably you haven’t seen me recently (or never at all) so yeah, like few teenagers out there, I am currently having acne problems and people—the people around me can’t stop asking me how it happened or what happened to me or what did I do every single day which makes me cry my heart out afterwards and which also explains my pissed off tweet a while ago *catches some air* (Do you think I’m going through the Stages of Sorrow, seriously? JK.) 

Choose an answer to this undying question in my everyday life a) sebaceous glands b) stress c) genes d) hormonal imbalance e) STOP ASKING (source)

After this post, I will again go back to the optimistic me; will try not to shed some tears whenever someone comments on this worst face scenario. And you don’t tell me it’s not that bad, because really, you don’t have any idea how bad this is to me. Physically and emotionally… *oops lapsing switches back to being optimistic*

BUT WHATEVER, I know in a few weeks my facial skin will get better. I will believe that. I should. This happened for some unfathomable reason and God wants me to learn something from it. Maybe He wants to tell me that I am not the priority but He is. That I shouldn’t worry about this at all because He surely has better plans for me. 😉


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