It was such a gloomy atmosphere when me and my housemates went to the wake last night. How could this happen to a sweet child like her? A student of diligence who was just on her way home after a tiring day of coding with her groupmates for their CMSC 150 project. Who would have ever thought that she won’t be there anymore to present her project the next day? 

It could have been you or me or any other person wasting his or her life out there. It could have been anyone… but God chose her for a reason our little minds cannot conceive. All I know is now she is in heaven, devoid of pain and suffering; worshiping and enjoying her time with God with all those lovely things He has promised. 

Laysa, October 13, 2011


Katarungan para sa isang ISKOLAR NG BAYAN!

Katarungan para sa pagkamatay ni Bb. Given Grace Cebanico


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