When you’re no longer a teenager

I say this would be my craziest, weirdest, happiest birthday ever! Aside from the obvious fact that I am now twenty and no longer a teenager, what happened today is exactly not what happens typically whenever it is my birthday.

Number 1 Birthday eves.

When I turned 17, I started not feeling it. It was the first time people important to me didn’t greet me at exactly midnight that gave me instant loneliness. Yes, I am kind of a sentimental person. Lol. From then on I told myself I will try to sleep before the clock hits 12. Being a night person, I’ve been failing since then. Hahaha! And oh, I cried and got irked last night HAHAHAHA Like really bad.

Number 2 Chicken with A-1 Sauce

It has been a family ritual that we go to the mall or some restaurant whenever one of us celebrates his or her birthday. Today, when my dad asked what I wanted to eat, I told him Chicken with A1 Sauce which can be bought at the nearby resto. He was like, ?!?!?! But I was sure I didn’t want to go out. So, no we didn’t eat at Don Henrico’s, Splatino or The Old Spaghetti House (the usual places we go to) We ate lunch—at home. After all, what’s important is we’re complete 😉 


A cutie who I made sing I’m A Little Teapot (teapot in Sagittarius)

Number 3 I gave, not received

It’s the anniversary of my cellphone(2yrs) and my camera(1yr) today. Every year I sort of get a new gadget, but now I didn’t. Hehehe. I think iPod Touch is worth the wait. Hmm? But guess what, it was me who gave something today—my little knowledge about astronomy. The UPLB Astronomical Society just conducted it’s annual AstroSkwela where our goal is to educate students about Basic Astronomy. Yesterday, our audience were pre-elementary and grade school students. A while ago, we had high school. It was so much fun to see them learning something new.

LSPU kids

Some of the students we taught

the Astelus

My brods and sisses who volunteered for the event, thank you!

Number 4 Heartfelt Efforts

Maybe this is the birthday I was waiting for. Or not. Well, I don’t know but for some reason I really felt like hiding my birthday on Facebook. I wanted to know if people will remember my birthday without that FB reminder. I was worried because no one might greet me but that didn’t stop me from ticking ‘Do not show birthday’ button. Not only that, I disabled my wall to make my greeters exert some effort in greeting me. What the hell was I thinking, right? Hahaha!

To my surprise:

from Rachelle <3

Rachelle, my best girl friend, made me this! Mind you this is so not her! Hahaha, I was so surprised and touched because usually, she gives me stuff which I always love :* Kiss Bebe! You have no idea how this made me feel. Awwwwww see me soon!

And another,

Maggie Q

Erwin, my best guy friend ever, did this! I was just crying that time then a smile was instantly painted on my face. My Mikitaverse pals know how much I wanted an MQ tweet (kinda impossible right now because Mags is really busy, I got a Shane West and Albert Kim tweet, though) My Sweety who doesn’t really know about my fandom life (and kind of doesn’t care about Maggie Q) was able to search a pic which I never saw before!!! Cute!!!

Then after sleeping the whole afternoon, I woke up to this:

A few of my Mikitaverse BFF’s bothered to create this video! Norfy @Mikitaloverr thought of this with Amy @mikita_4_eva, Sheem @OMGitsSHEEMIE, Agata @AgataMariaa, Ayaka @skswem, Wana @wanansms, Jasna @JasnaWebDesign1, Lydia @lydiaamann and Glisa @iheartNikita. I’ve always wanted someone to make a video for me and I NEVER EVER thought my twitter friends will be those who will think about making one! :’) Thank you so much! This is so unbelievable!

Lastly, my favorite, Mama’s (supposedly) surprised video!!! 😀

Link is here: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10150330160158215

Lol. Like I said, it was supposed to be a surprise but she can’t make it work on YouTube. She was freaking out then asked for my help for she slept at 6am for this and she won’t let this go to waste HAHAHA YouTube blocked the vid because the song she used was a copyright so I told her to just upload it on Facebook. THE PICS SHE INCLUDED WERE REALLY INSANE! Hahahha! I love you, Mama! (vid is public, you just have to log-in)

THANK YOU DEAR GOD FOR THE YEARS I HAVE LIVED. I am truly blessed because you are my Father and I am one of your children. 


EDIT: @agentangiee made me a video, too. She is such a sweet girl!!! Love you, little sis Angela!! *hugs*



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