Maggie Q. Because of her, I have proved that the best of friendship could exist in the weirdest unlikely situations. That twitter is about finding people you wanted to belong in your real life, so much more than a few of the people around you. Lol!

Mikitaverse Philippines (#MiPi): Grey, Ashley, Glisa, Katy, Sheem, Pauline, Di, Salia, Justine, Kim, Abbie, Halsie, Eda.. The other 29 in the facebook group who won’t stop flailing, love you guys! My facebook notifs are always full of life! 🙂 You’d want plenty than none, right? There I was around 8 months ago, wondering if people like me are in existence. I am so happy I met you all! We will meet soon!

My Mikita Friends: Wana, Fifi, Norfy, Amy, Dilara, Siddhika, Lydia, Elisa, Jasna, Agata, Haley, Angie, Trisha, Ayaka, Julie, Christina, Angel, Stephanie, Annie, Ruby, Carina, Katya, Emma, Christy, Lily!!! So many more, thank you, thank you so much! You kept me alive when I chose to stay at home because of what I’ve been going through (yeah whatever lol) You were there to keep me alive despite what people tell me—that I am lifeless. HA! We aren’t, right? We have each other!

I learned not only your time zones, but who you are, things you do, your culture.. A LOT. Can you imagine how amazing it is that we have built this friendship over these tiny fiber optics buried in the seas… merely transferring packets of data but to us are unforgettable memories we share; a friendship we never knew could exist. Who would have thought you can talk about your real life happenings with people who don’t even know your last name? It is indeed possible.

Now I wanna go around the globe, when it never crossed my mind before… But look at me now thinking of ways to earn money to meet you! You people seriously mean a lot to me! ♥


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