My Mom is a Friend Stealer

Hahhahaha! Kidding. You know after that sleepless night you had due to a Christmas Party and the test you have to take straight after it, you go home with a groggy spirit and SEE THIS!!!


ULTIMATE POWER UP HIGH-SPIRITED ADRENALINE RUSH! I wish that was me with Wana but no! How can my mom meet my online best friend first?!? She went to Malaysia last week and I never thought they would actually see each other!! I let out a scream that time and literally picked my jaw which dropped on the keyboard.


@#$%^&!! Not only that Wana gave me a Mocking Jay key chain (we both like Hunger Games) and an 8Gb DSLR-looking pen drive (they don’t call it flash disk in Malaysia, lol) 8Gb like what the fracking what, the storage device I have has a capacity of only 4Gb and by the way, I didn’t even buy it for myself. I had to save Globe Rewards Points (network operator) to get it for free! So huge gargantuan thanks to you my cirit-birit!!!♥♥ 

Who is Wana anyway? (YES, WHO ARE U BERAK LOL)

Wana is my online best friend. Eww. It sounds so cheesy. She found me when I posted my love confession for Maggie Q in my old tumblr account. I wrote a novel back then and she wrote a novel reply back. And there, we exchanged twitter accounts and started our crazy friendship. Gilerrrrrrrrr!

Kentut (that’s how she calls me) and I talk like almost every single day on Skype. I feel like I’ve known her since childhood when in fact, we just met at the end of July. We both like the same TV shows and even if we’re living in different countries, it seems that we’re neighbors. We text each other sometimes no matter how expensive international SMS is. We can just talk about everything!!! Hahahahah I can’t even remember a topic we can’t relate to.

So Wana fart, thank you for your surprise and talking to my mom behind my back. Also, thank you Mama for trying to meet up with Wana! It was like an energy boost after a very tiring sem-ender stress. But just so you know I was holding back my tears when I found out about it; I was so jealous and happy at the same time!!! I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!

Most people do not understand this kind of friendship you build over the internet. It sounds crazy, eh? Yes, it does. It really is insane because it is soo bad that you find someone on the other side of the world that you’d rather have in the same place than those other people around you(people who make your life harder than it is) But thank you God for my online friends, I am just so happy I met them I will never stop talking about it!

Nur Sya’wana, we will meet soon and ride roller coasters! I PROMISE!

(Can you go here first? Bahaha) 


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