Under the Night Skies with You: UPLB AstroSoc after more than two years

Yesterday, December 16, 2011, UPLB Astronomical Society officially welcomed ten new members to the organization. To date, the society is 54 in number.

21 (Incorporators/Batch Alpha) + 15 (Batch Nebula) + 7 (Batch Solari) + 10 (Batch Helios) The number isn’t solid though, some graduated and a few got caught in black holes. Lol. So the pictures:

Batch Helios Acceptance Rites at a resort in Calamba, Laguna 


and the Christmas Party after it…



But before that, it was UPLB AstroSoc’s 3rd Orientation last November 24


Back then, it was just the official 22 founding members aka Charter Members before we started accepting new members (few aren’t in the photo) 


And that first meeting on June, 2010…


…before I met them through a Facebook Group.

But most of all, it was just a random tweet back when I had no followers. 😉


Thank you God for these people. Thank You because you created the stars, the moon, the meteor showers and all those astronomical phenomenon that brought all of us together. Thank you because you made a way for me to meet these fantastic people who love the night skies as much as I do.

Astronomy and its vastness made me realize that we are indeed, the significant insignificance. (x)

Just, Thank You.♥


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