Can you keep a secret?: The Truth

It’s almost 3am and I suddenly thought about sending one of my life verses to my dearest BFF, Rachelle. Just like the what I said in the text msg I just sent her, I’m excited for whatever God has planned for her as she enters a new stage in her life, another four freaking years of med school. :O/

UPCM may be the best med school as we tend to think it is, but I believe UERMMMC is the RIGHT school for you, bebe 😉 I LOVE YOUUUUU!



Before I look like a monster because of all the loneliness I am feeling, let me relieve my stress through this post. Truth is, I’m not really the type of person who accepts a failure easily. I’m not arrogant, it’s just that I work hard to achieve what I want. Where am I coming from? Well, after my…

Can you keep a secret?: The Truth


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