Maybe He will bring you back to me

True enough that you aren’t fair so you have no choice but to accept the outcomes of the path you’ve chosen to take. Nevertheless,  despite the irrevocable bliss and damaging heartbreaks, God always knows what’s best and He will always be there for you.

True enough you’re the one who couldn’t commit but you’re the one who wants too much out of everything. How is that fair? You can leave me just any moment when I know for a fact I can’t do that to you.


True enough that another stage of our lives is looming out there and there’s more that life has to offer for us. I would never know what would happen that’s why I told you I can’t promise anything.

True enough that even before everything started to happen I was already thinking how I could ever live with the thought that I could be the one to cause the pain that’s going to break you down again; to live with the thought that I’d be the one hurting you when that moment comes.

True enough that now it seems I’m already enduring  pain and already hurting even before everything starts to fall apart. How much more when we’re already there to heading our opposite ways?

True enough that you know I told you from the very beginning that it is not my season to be yours nor anyone’s.

True enough that God has been telling me right from the start to not allow this to happen; to let you go but still I haven’t.

True enough that I can easily let you go for God will hold me afterwards but what you do not know is that it also means me crying hard on His shoulders, waiting for you to stop me.

True enough, I’ve been waiting for that time that you would just let me go or better if you’re the one to do it because I don’t wanna hurt you even more for I am secure that He will hold me and I’ve been praying for you to have Him hold you, too.

True enough that your love has made me complete for once and I will always cherish it.

True enough, there’s somebody for you like there is someone else for me. But when that time comes you love God more than you love me, I wanna believe that He will bring you back to me.


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