I can finally click that little x button on the Sticky Note!!!

This semester was terrible being my last hectic one before graduation (next sem, I only have 8 units left) and I’m expressing my overflowing gratitude to God who gave me strength the whole time. I’m actually ashamed of myself because I kept on giving up as if He won’t do anything to salvage me and my grades considering how unbelievable last semester was, when he made sure I was going to pass all those subjects.

Being a student, they say that academics must be of first priority but there’s always —I mean always— things and activities that keep me from living up to that. But who am I fooling? I… know deep down that I can’t and I won’t prioritize that. From organizational responsibilities, to school plays and student government; not to mention my addiction(my online friends would say ‘dedication’) to Maggie Q and Nikita last year. Seriously. LOL. Despite that, he kept performing miracles with my grades which I always wanna tell all you guys, Nothing is impossible with Him. 🙂

Even if we are faithless, He remains faithful. -2 Timothy 2:13

I wanna commend my CMSC 125 partner, Justin Boado(Escape LOL Maze Android Application, ftw♥) CMSC 128 groupmates, Kathlea de Sagun & Lawrence Bordeos (User Management System for LGU) and CMSC 170 partner, Camille Salgado(RoboCUP Battle Royale Winner: our robot FloorWaxSS)! You guys are simply the best, plus the kindest!!! Special mention to Sir JM Bawagan!! HEHEHE! Hi Sir 😀

Now, I am waiting for a company call for an interview. Internship this summer starting April 12!!!

The other day :p


Wednesday (Camille’s Sweet Reverie Online Shop)

sweet reverie


CAS Council Oath-Taking

and Last Monday at SM Calamba 😉

hunger games



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