UPLB Official Site hacked this April Fool’s :O

I did the “In A Relationship” Prank with whoevers for the past two years and it was pretty successful considering the number of people who wanted me to have a boyfriend. LOL. Today, I was too lazy and I think my usual prank just won’t click any longer. :)) 

About the pic, carlo posted a status message congratulating us (me, Chinoy, Paul) for being able to hack the website. HAHAHAHA. It was a hilarious thread until one of my professors commented telling us he will hold our grades :)))))))))) I know it was a joke, but still.. LOL. Srsly, did they actually believe we hacked it? HAHAHAHA. 

Anyway, happy birthday to my ever-dearest former roommate who sleeps and wakes up earlier than everybody else, the one person who never failed to give me some crackers whenever I’m hungry, Ate Joan Natividad

ate joan and me



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