Filled up BPI Trade application forms today. Unfortunately, I fell asleep on them. Gonna be printing new ones in a while 😉

I wanted to engage myself in stock trading in the long term before I get employed that’s why I took the first step today—choosing an online stock broker.

So basically there are three online stock brokers: CitisecOnline (COL), BPI Trade and Philstocks. I picked BPI Trade for the simple reason that there’s no minimum investment required, all you need is a BPI account (which I already have). As for COL, minimum investment is 25,000php and 5,000php for Philstocks. Got those information from the table comparison here.

Personally, I haven’t done an intensive research about what I’m doing, YET. All I know is I want to do it ASAP as I am about to graduate soon. Good thing my colleagues from company where I’m having my internship know A LOT about the subject and they were the ones who encourage me to have a broker’s account before I finish my OJT. So, if you wanna know more about stock trading, I guess let’s start reading articles at 🙂 


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