Partial Lunar Eclipse | 12.21.10 / Reblog from themikitajunkie (old tumblog)

Rest in Peace, my dear digital camera. Get well soon, my 10×50 binoculars.

It’s the best my digital camera could get. I think it’s not bad for a camera model without manual settings. Hopefully on June 15, I’d already have a DSLR to take pictures of the Total Lunar Eclipse here in the Philippines 😀 More pictures to be posted on my facebook profile.

December 21 RECAP:

1. Went to Elbi and had my eyeglasses fixed. Had it for free! Thanks Sarabia Optical 😀

2. Felt really depressed for CD-R King does not have a compatible charger for my laptop. HP Compaq CQ20 :((

3. EXTREMELY HAPPY AFTER SEEING THE FIRST STAGES OF THE PARTIAL LUNAR ECLIPSE! I thought I won’t be able to see it ‘cause it was 90% cloudy in LB when I realized I was looking at the wrong direction! It was red-orange and HUGE :’D

4. Dropped my binoculars (10×50 Bushnell, bigay lang) because of total panic and excitement. I looked into it again it I saw two moons. The drop had misaligned the two tubes 😐 

5. May pumunta sa bahay. 😉 Peace of mind, that, I regained.


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