Laguna March – Lyrics


Laguna, o Laguna, lalawigang marangal
Tanging pinagpala, ng Butihing Bathala
Supling mo ang pinili, na bayani ng lahi
Kaparuhin at dangal, ng liping kayumanggi

Laguna ang ‘yong pangalan, sagisag ng kagitingan
Sa lawa mo’t kaparangan, mga bayani nahimlay
Kadluan ng mithi’t pangarap, ng bukirin, bundok at gubat
Ikaw Laguna ang buhay at aming patnubay

– – –

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NOTE: I typed the lyrics as how I can remember. We(Glee club members in high school) used to sing the song during school events. Any comments/reactions, the comment form is just below the page. Thanks!

By the way, this page is dedicated to all the students who just started their school year and were asked by their teachers to get such. Haha. You may also wanna check out the lyrics for Calabarzon March, click here.


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